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Lōkahi Teams Fundraiser Carnival
April 4th - 7th
Location Information

Lōkahi Teams Fundraiser Carnival IS LOCATED AT

Dobson High School
1501 W Guadalupe Rd
Mesa, AZ 85202

Personalized Driving Directions:

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Hours of Operation
Thursday: 5pm-9pm
Fridays: 5pm-11pm
Saturday: 4pm-11pm
Sunday: 4pm-8pm
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Unlimited Ride Wristbands are valid during these hours only:

Thursday - Friday: Valid from 5pm-8pm
Saturday - Sunday: Valid from 4pm-7pm

Ride Ticket Info
Tickets are valid all day, everyday at any of our events. Tickets are for rides only and each ride takes between 4 & 7 tickets. 
Ticket Prices:

Wristbands are ONLY valid for the days and hours listed. Wristbands are only valid on the day of purchase when bought inperosn. We stop selling them 1hr prior to them ending to enure that each customer has a minium of 1hr with the band. If you buy online, skip the line and come directly to the pre-sale redemption tent to redeem your wristbands with your QR code from your phone or from a printed copy. 
If bought in adavnce online, wristbands are $27. If you buy onsite they are $30. 

Thursday - Friday: $30 Valid from 5pm-8pm
Saturday - Sunday: $30 Valid from 4pm-7pm

Please Check posted height Requirements at coupon booth before purchasing coupons or wristband.

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NOTE: Ride ticket amounts, rider restrictions, and event specials, hours, and general information is subject to change without notice.
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